Bumps on Cat Head and Neck

by Suzie Pugh
(Shreveport, La)

Picture Cat Skin Bump on Neck

Picture Cat Skin Bump on Neck

My female cat Pepper is 3 years old and over the past 3-4 months (this past summer) I have noticed several bumps under her fur. When I first touched them, I thought it was a tick. So I get out the rubber gloves and to take it off only to find that it's not a tick but the top of a sore.

Most of the time it doesn't bleed, it just comes right off. She acts fine, eats well, ornery as ever but these things on her gorgeous fur makes me crazy.

The picture I am sending is of 2 that are between the back of her ear and neck. She lets me put antibiotic ointment on them, so that's why they look oily. These look a lot worse than any of the other ones. She has a tendency to scratch after I put ointment on them, so right now they look red.

I have another female cat who is 2 years old, and she has only had 1 of these. It was right above her eye. It came off, healed right up and I never found another.

My third cat a male, 2 years old has never had any of these. All of the cats are indoor/outdoor cats depending on the weather. I spoke to my vet and he says that he thinks they are benign tumors and harmless.

What do you think?

Editor Suggestions Cat Skin Bumps,
Lesions and Sores

Dear Suzie,

There are several possible causes for cat skin bumps, particularly when found on the head and neck.

In many cases, cat skin bumps do not cause any other symptoms, except that they bleed. These may be benign tumors. Other possibilities that should be considered during diagnosis include feline skin cysts, feline leprosy and nevi nodules.

As you described, these bumps are not affecting the overall physiology of your cat and only bleed or cause minor discomfort. It seems that these bumps are some kind of benign tumor or cystic bodies.

Even though in many cases these are not harmful to the cat, it is always better to go for a detailed biopsy, since it is possible that a few types of such bumps/lesions may develop into malignant or the spreading form of tumors, which are impossible to treat in advanced stages.

It's better to go for a detailed biopsy. Surgical removal is optional, but it is better to eliminate these lesions as soon as possible.

Along with prescribed therapeutics, you can use natural remedies to improve skin health such as Skin and Coat Tonic and natural anti-oxidants such as C-Caps to improve integumentary (cat skin) cellular integrity.

Additionally, use a quality e-collar to prevent your pet from licking the lesions while the ointment is applied.

Best wishes to you and your cat. Please keep us up to date on cat skin bump on neck problem.

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Cat Skin Bumps Hair Loss and Flaking

by Laya
(London, UK)

My cat is 3 years old, Chartreux, she's been having a rash that looks like dandruff, which results in hair loss in that area( below her neck).

It feels like tiny little bumps. She doesn't go out in the garden, no insects or any kind of parasites. Nothing unusual about her behavior.

Couldn't find any reasons on line. The only thing is that she had a cold last month. What can the reason be?? And what can I do to treat it and prevent it from happening again??

Vet Suggestion Cat Skin Bumps, Hair Loss and Flaking

Hi Laya,

The bumps, hair loss, and skin flaking that you describe on your cat could have a number of causes: microscopic mites, a skin infection (bacterial or fungal), allergies, and more.

Your best option is to take her in to your veterinarian for a physical examination and some diagnostic testing (e.g., a skin scraping to look for mites, a fungal culture to rule out ringworm, and cytology to look for infection). Based on the results, your vet can come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

I wouldn’t wait too long to get her in because some of the potential causes can be spread to other pets or even to people.

Good luck!

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jul 26, 2012
little bumps on my cats leg and around his lower part of his belly
by: paul

Hi my cats got little bumps they look like little sizes he got one one his leg and around his lower part of his belly just wondering what could it be please let me know thank you

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Cat Skin Bumps

by Donna Dash
(Greenville, NC)

My cats skin bumps feels Like an alligator. We have 3 sister kitties (10 yrs old). We moved about 6 months ago. Up until that time, they had all been indoor/outdoor kitties, but we previously lived out in the country away from traffic, etc.

Since we moved, we do not let them out. They have pretty much adjusted to that...but one was a hunter. She used to stay out most of the day, and would bring us all sorts of animals to show off before she would devour it.

About 3 months ago, she started having cat skin issues. She was getting scaly cat skin bumps, mostly on her underside, and then on top of her head and around her shoulders.

We have taken her to the vet, and he "has never seen anything like it." They initially treated it as a bacterial infection with an antibiotic. Then they changed over to an anti-fungal treatment, and then back to antibiotic/steroids. We have been giving her prednisone for over 2 months, and it seems different, but she is covered in hard bumps...her skin feels like alligator skin.

She has always been the playful, fun loving kitty, and now she sometimes acts as though she can hardly move. Her hair comes out in lumps...initially in patches (with a big white clump of skin attached) across the top of her head, between her ears, then over her front shoulders, but now those dry patches have stopped and she just has the hard cat skin bumps everywhere, but still sheds terribly.

The initial thought from the NC State Univ. Dept of dermatology was cat flea infestation, but the fact that she has been more of an outdoor cat for the 9 1/2 years prior to the move, and now not at all, with 2 other cats that have NO issues, and we have never seen a flea on any of them or in the house. We are bathing her in Benzoyl peroxide shampoo, but nothing seems to be clearing it up...any suggestions.

Cat Skin Bumps - Cat Health Guide Editor Reply

Dear Donna,

Sorry to hear about the cat skin problem and the cat skin bumps.

Cats which remain outdoors most of the time are exposed to a number of infectious and non infectious factors, which can badly affect the cat's health status.

Since skin is the most exposed part of the body, it is more susceptible, Outdoors, a cat is also exposed to other systemic diseases not related to the skin/integumentary system, that can badly affect the cat as well.

It is impossible to definitely diagnose a condition without a detailed examination and laboratory test results. However, based on what you described, the cat skin bumps appear to be related to some kind of internal condition.

Possibly, your cat initially ingested some prey, which left your cat’s internal system with some type of toxicity, which was latter exhibited as a skin condition. Raw or uncooked meat is probably the exact cause.

You mentioned that your other cats are well and do not exhibit any symptoms at all. This means that if your affected cat has remained in their company and did not cause any health issues to spread to them, then your cat is not suffering from any infectious disease, such as bacterial/fungal infections and parasitic infestations.

Even, if your cat had experienced these mild secondary infections, they were resolved with the anti biotic and anti fungal therapies.

The other treatmet option you mentioned, prednisone, is a glucocorticoid, which is used to inhibit an inflammatory response. Remember that it is essential in such complicated conditions, but it is possible that prolonged administration will cause alopecia (hair loss) and a hardening of the cat skin tissues. Most probably, symptoms of hardened skin and hair loss is caused by prolonged use of prednisone. If this side effect of prednisone is a problem, your veterinarian can revise the administration plan to every other day.

As you mentioned, you are currently using Benzoyl peroxide shampoo for bathing your cat. We suggest that it would be better for your cat if you reduce the frequency of its use. It can cause yours cat’s sensitive skin to swell and cause damage in the underlying soft tissues.

Unfortunately, we can not suggest any specific therapy, but would suggest that you discuss other possibilities with your veterinarian. Initially, go for some basic dermatological tests and if needed go for blood tests that detect toxicology and if needed, a biopsy (test of skin sample) as well.

This approach will certainly diagnose the exact cause of condition. If available, have a veterinary dermatologist look over the case.

For the time being, you can try some of the herbal remedies noted below, which will certainly help to reduce the skin symptoms. Unlike chemicals and drugs, herbal preparations are considered safe and effective. Remember that this approach is not a specific treatment.

Start by using a herbal shampoo such as Clean Cat Shampoo. for bathing your cat. This will not only cleanse your cat’s coat, but will also soothe and reduce the hardness and scaling of the skin.

Regarding any toxins in your cat's body, consider using a detoxifying remedy such as DeTox Plus. This will eliminate all toxicants from the body, both those related to this cat skin condition and any intoxication caused by high doses of different drugs.

Lastly, herbal skin tonics and fatty acid supplements may help. Skin tonics such as Skin and Coat will help to regulate the skin immune and health status, while fatty acids are a basic skin need. The use of fatty acids such as DermCare Fatty Acid Capsules will help to resolve the dry cat skin condition and the hardening of the skin.

Please keep us updated on the cat skin bumps problem and how it was finally cured.

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Jan 10, 2011
same EXACT problem
by: Anonymous

Just as the title suggests, I am having the same exact problem. A totally indoor cat with 2 other indoor cats. Only one has the bumps.

In addition, she was also dehydrated a bit and shedding weight. we switched her to wet food witch has helped her put the weight back on and lift her spirits, but the bumps are all over and show no sign of slowing.

Vet thinks it is internal, but has mentioned nothing about toxicology test. Maybe we will try that next.

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Cat Red Bumps on Chest Area

by Anonymous
(Nashville, TN)

Picture Possible Cat Skin Flea and Tick Probrlem

Picture Possible Cat Skin Flea and Tick Probrlem

My 4 year old, long haired, inside/outside female Persian has two red bumps on her chest. The hair seems to be gone from this 1 inch spot and the area looks irritated. She is up for her flea/tick medications and I have found a tick on her tonight.

Is this related? Does she need treatment?

We have just had a flood and not sure if this could be irritation from the dirty water?

Editor Suggestion Regarding Red Bumps on Cat Skin

Parasites such as fleas and ticks may infest pets as a primary or initial cause of a cat skin problem, but environmental factors might also play an important role in worsening cat skin conditions.

The picture you provided shows the cat skin symptoms lesions and alopecia (hair loss). Plus, we know from your description that the condition is causing itching and discomfort to your cat.

Even though we are unable to confirm the exact condition without tests, we suspect that this problem is related to ticks and fleas found on your cat's body. Fleas and ticks usually cause skin problems at sensitive areas, such as the ears, abdomen, inguinal region (cat groin) and in between the forelimbs.

Also, environmental factors, such as dirty water may cause secondary infections and create a greater chance that there will be complications.

As far as treatment is concerned, we suspect the problem is related to ticks and environmental factors. Confirmation can only be made through clinical examination and laboratory tests.

On the basis of the condition, we can suggest you use a quality shampoo for bathing your cat such as Clean Cat Shampoo, and after that apply some allergy itch cream such as Allergy Itch Ease. Your cat would also benefit from the use of a cat flea and tick repellent such as Zodia Flea and Tick Spray.

Additionally, as you mentioned, the environment around your pet is not hygienic, due to the flood and dirty water. So, it's suggested that you should use some type of disinfectant and insecticidal solution around your house such as Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray. This will help to protect you and your pet from the various insect borne diseases.

Try these preventive measures, in which most of the recommendations are natural remedies, therefore they they are safe and effective.

If symptoms persist or if you notice any unusual symptoms building up in your cat, it's better to consult a nearby veterinarian for a detailed examination and specific treatment.

Best of luck with treating this cat bumps on skin problem. Please keep us up to date on your cats condition.

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Cat Skin Bumps on Spine and Neck

by pat
(Cape Cod)

Lexus, our 8 yr old Ragdoll has bumps near his tail, on his spine, around his neck on a side and now by a nipple.

They used to be the size of pin heads and I could pick them off with a few hairs. Now they are bigger and more of them. He scratches and licks a lot, no hair loss, no visible signs; he is an indoor cat, eats a hypo allergenic food. We got him from a shelter last year-there was no medical history on him.

He also vomits undigested food - not fur balls, at least once a week. He heaves for several minutes before it comes up-seemingly from his bowels. ???

Any ideas ?

Vet Suggestion Cat Skin Bumps on Spine and Neck

Hi Pat,

The list of possible causes for Lexus’ skin problems is quite long and includes allergies, microscopic mites, external parasites like fleas, allergies, ringworm, bacterial or fungal skin infections, and more.

I’m afraid it is impossible for me to give you a diagnosis without seeing him and even then, I would probably need to run some diagnostic tests before I could tell you what was going on.

Sometimes getting to the bottom of skin problems in cats can take some time. Your vet will probably want to run a fungal culture to rule out ringworm, perform skin cytology to look for bacterial or fungal skin infections, and do a skin scraping to look for mites if the answer isn’t obvious on a physical exam.

Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious even with these tests, in which case your vet may recommend some empiric treatment (e.g., a steroid injection if he thinks allergies are most likely or anti-parasite medicines if he’s worried about some of the mites that can be hard to diagnose with skin scrapings).

The fact that your cat is also vomiting makes me add food allergy to the list of possible conditions. You say he is on a hypoallergenic food, but some of these are much more “hypoallergenic” than others.

Bring up the vomiting issue to your vet as well. This could change the approach that he or she would like to take in working up your cat’s problems.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Sep 17, 2012
Unrefined Coconut Oil Great for Cats Skin
by: Anonymous

Rub some unrefined coconut oil on your cat. this stuff is so great, it will heal whatever is wrong with your cat. so make sure you get some and put it on them, rub it in their skin it is very good for them, non-toxic and wonderful.

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