Cat Scratching Head and Ears

by Virginia
(hatfield )

I am not sure if my cats have mange. I have 9 indoor cats who are scratching their heads and ears. They are also losing hair in that area. i have taken my cats to the vet several times. He said there is no sign of ear mites. We have treated them with Revolution 3 times and drops in their ears (Tresaderm). They are still itching. I have shampooed them 3 times and that was a job. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do?



When a number of cats share the same living area, as in your case, it is common that infestations will spread from cat to cat. Tbis is true for any condition that can be transmitted from cat to cat such as mange, fleas or any fungal infection.

It is certain that signs of infection would reoccur due for the reason that different cats experience different stages of disease at different times. This causes symptoms to reappear at different times in each cat, which usually results in a failed treatment plan.

Treatment options you have used and your veterinarian's recommended prescription and treatment plan appear fine.

“Revolution” is an anti-parasitic preparation, while “Tresaderm” on other hand is an anti–fungal and anti–bacterial combination with corticosteroid in it. So, you have already practiced different modes and options to treat all possible conditions.

All you have to
do is to improve and properly apply the treatment plan with some suggested steps and products listed below:

a. Lime–Sulfur dips are an effective option to treat these types of conditions. It is recommended that all your cats, whether they show symptoms or not, should be given lime–sulfur dips, 3x at an interval of 10 days between each treatment.

b.Secondly, you should use an anti–parasitic solution mixed into a quality shampoo, preferably a herbal shampoo, and use it at least twice in the first week, followed by once every week for at least four weeks.

c. Use the Solution ear drops you mentioned, i.e. Tresaderm. This is an effective option. Continue until the symptoms vanish. This product will help in preventing secondary infections and heal the existing symptoms.

d. You should disinfect the cat's environment, as parasites or fungus may be present in bedding, litter or in surrounding areas, possibly causing a recurrence of itching and hair loss. A quality disinfectant should be used, and if possible do it with a quality sprayer.

In terms of product recommendations, Dermisil offers all of the products you need. They offer a lime-sulfur dip called Sulfadip, and an anti-parasitic solution that mixes with their herbal shampoo. They also offer an environmental spray called Benzarid and the needed sprayer.

An alternative high quality herbal shampoo is Clean-Cat Shampoo which is a non-irritating, calming cleansing shampoo formulated for cats

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