Cat Scabies - What do they look like?

by jo

Do cat scabies look like little slugs around the neck.?

Answer: It depends upon severity of symptoms. Cat scabies first appears on the ears and periphery of the head region and then spreads down to the neck and abdomen.

It causes severe itching, patchy hair loss, wrinkles and crusts on the skin. In severe cases, permanent marks that are ulcerative (skin lesions) and are usually noticed on the head and especially the neck region. Moreover, some cats may get marks or wrinkles on their neck from secondary complications, possibly due to bacteria or fungus, flaps of skin over the neck are the most appropriate portion of body for this to happen.

So it is possible that your cat’s neck might have marks which are scabies which look like “slugs”, wrinkles and/or crusts.

Sometimes, these marks leave a cat with an ugly appearance along with the possibility of permanent skin tissue damage.

If you would like to treat the scabies yourself, then a lime-sulfur solution such as Dermisil for Manage and Scabies, which mixes with your cat's shampoo will treat the condition.

To restore the cat's skin condition after treatment, a herbal remedy such as Ring-Ex which contains homeopathic ingredients selected based on their ability to support and soothe the skin could be of help.

Of course, to know for sure if your cat is suffering from scabies, the condition would need to be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

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