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Jan 08, 2011
Sounds like our cat
by: katie


What you are describing in your older cat sounds exactly like what we are dealing with in our 6 year old cat. Her problems started as a kitten, and yearly steroid shots worked. Until the last couple of years when we have had to increase the shots to 2, 3, 4 times a year. Her last shot was a month ago, and her skin condition has come back with a vengeance. With the same 'hair pulling' that you describe! And the licked bare patches all over her legs, stomach and arm. But she also has scabby, oozing patches on her head and her neck is totally bald right now and covered in scabs. Even her lips are swollen. I hope you find an answer, and get the info you need here. I am hoping for the same, otherwise we are going to have to consider putting our fat baby down too.

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