Cat Needs Weight Gain

by Evan Lowe
(Wichita, KS)

Cat Weight Gain Reader Question: Hi:) My name is Evan. My cat Barney had a bout where he wouldn't eat, possibly due to a cold. He recovered, but dropped a lot of weight.

He used to be a chubby 18#, due to his love of food, but now he's kinda skinny. I've given him canned chicken, canned turkey and mackerel, which he eats happily, but all the new eight is on his belly and not his sides or back. How can I fatten him up to where he has more fat coverage?

Cat Weight Gain Problem Editor Comment:

Dear Evan,

Thank you for your question. It is usually the case that whenever a pet experiences some type of health problem, it takes some time for a complete recovery.

Recovery to normal may be hastened by different modes like offering more supplements and care, but remember that extraordinary approaches to hasten recovery by offering various diets can lead to some other health issues, like obesity or any hormonal disturbance etc.

Cats have some extra skin beneath the abdomen; this skin is meant for support while a cat rests on the ground after jumping. This skin makes the belly appear a bit protruded, but it is normal.

Secondly, since your cat has just recovered from a disease, and is restoring its body physiology, the extra fat it is ingesting gets accumulated in the body. It is matter of fact that fats are first accumulated under the abdomen; extra fats are accumulated under the skin, back and sides thereafter. Fats accumulated under the abdomen are more easily digested as compared to those that gather on other parts of the body. So, what is happening to your cat is a normal physiological phenomenon - fats accumulating over the belly.

Since your cat has recovered from disease, it is recommended that you feed him only a balanced diet. Do not try to administer any additional treats etc; as this will cause obesity and certain systemic problems. However, you can try some herbal remedies such as SlenderPet Formula to regulate digestion and weight by supporting the liver and cellular integrity.

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