Cat Mange Treatment

by Mary Elizabeth
(Kilbirnie, Scotland)

Cat Mange on Face

Cat Mange on Face

Reader Question

I'm looking after a stray cat and cant afford to take it to the vets as i have 2 other cats. his skin is raised and lumpy and has hair loss on his back. what can help to soothe him? how can help the stray cat? it looks like he has mange. his skin is bumpy and flaky and looks like sores on it. and he has some hair loss on his back.

Editor Answer

Dear Mary Elizabeth,

Cats can be affected by many different types of mange. In some types a cat may experience severe itching along with alopecia (hair loss), crusts, lesions and flaky skin. Also, some types of cat mange mites cannot be isolated in cats which are frequently bathed.

Cat skin lumps are usually formed due to severe deeper activity of the mites and represents inflammation and a growing chance of a secondary bacterial infection.

You should try the recommended treatment for mange, i.e. lime sulfur dips or sprays at half the dosage used for dogs such as the one offered by Naturasil for Pet Mange. Administration is done on the basis of the status of mange; you can follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Lime sulfur dips are specific treatments for mange in cats. In support you should also bathe your cat with a quality herbal shampoo such as the one that is also available from Naturasil, Also use some kind of Skin and Coat Tonic after each bath. Bathe your cat 3x a week initially and when you see some improvement, a single bath in a week is sufficient. You’ll need to treat your cat for 4 – 8 weeks, depending upon the rate of recovery.

Mites cannot be completely eliminated by treating your cat alone, you must disinfect your house, environment around your cat and all his belongings. Spray a quality disinfectant such as Benzarid with help of sprayer. Wash all belongings including clothes and cat bedding with warm water combined using a quality disinfecting detergent.

Best of luck to you and your cat.

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