Cat Lumps on Nose

by Amber


My cat friend is a 1 year old un-fixed male cat. Recently he has started to act strange. Just very unlike him self, and sleeping a lot.

I have found two lumps on either side of his nose up near the top by his eyes. It is worrying me , because he is also losing his hair. His coat has become very thin, and he looks "pale.”

He has been puking a lot, and gagging.

If anyone knows what is wrong. i would like to hear it.

Vet Suggestions Treating Cat Lumps on Nose

Hello Amber,

Your cat’s condition sound potentially very serious. He needs to see a veterinarian ASAP for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The veterinarian will start by performing a physical exam and gathering information about his lifestyle, health history, etc.

If the answer is not immediately evident, he or she may recommend infectious disease testing (e.g., for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses), a fecal examination for parasites, and other laboratory tests if they appear necessary.

Your pet’s life may be at risk if you don’t get him the health care he needs in a timely manner.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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