Cat Losing Hair

by tiffany

Cat Losing Hair Reader Question:

Our kitty is 4 years old. We recently moved and due to my mother's allergies, whom we currently live with, our cat is now an outdoor cat. Kitty has developed a line of cat hair loss about an inch wide and 5 inches long down her back. I think she must have rubbed off her fur in this pattern by rubbing her back against something around the outside of the house but I want to rule out any other possibilities.

The cat skin where the fur is missing is not red or flaky and doesn't look weird at all and she doesn't mind being petted in that area. I thought maybe stress has contributed to this condition as well but no fur is missing from any other area of her body. Thanks!

Cat Health Guide Editor Reply:

Dear Tiffany,

Cat behavior in different circumstances may differ. They may respond aggressively due to a separation or sometimes they may get themselves injured or cause damage to themselves. If the cat hair loss is caused by rubbing against something, it might not happen in a single rub; your cat must have been rubbing its back for quite some time.

Note any unusual symptoms closely; redness over the skin, any extension of the alopecic (hair loss) area, and changes in behavior such as response to yourself or others, interest in activities
or aggressiveness.

In terms of what you can do, be sure to show your cat that you still care for her. You can try to respond more and praise your cat when she is out of the house and make sure that she does not feel lonely. Establishing a familiar routine may also help create a sense of care and interaction.

You can also try a natural remedy such as Epic Spray, which can help to promote the feeling of well being in pets, particularly during times of change.

Another approach is to help reduce your cat's anxiety outdoors by improving her feeling of protection and safety. For example an outdoor safety pen or area that you create or that is commercially available such as the one made by Kennel-Aire Cat Playpen, even if left open, might provide your cat with a secure place to sleep and feel comfortable outdoors.

Additionally you can try a homeopathic skin tonic such as Skin and Coat Tonic to keep skin healthy and help encourage the re-growth of fur.

If you notice that symptoms such as your cat losing hair continues to persist and other signs such as redness, hyper pigmentation and lesions over the skin are noted, the best approach is to consult a veterinarian immediately for a thorough clinical examination.

Please let us know about your cat's progress. Best of luck to you and your Kitty!

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