Cat Flaky Skin

by Jill
(Bognor Regis, West Sussex)

Hello, I have 3 cats and the female Maisie-Mae, who is a short haired black, neutered 4 year old has very flaky fur! I comb her every day as her fur is very thick and needs regular attention.

We have recently moved from a flat to a house which was not too demanding for them all. We kept them in for 4 weeks and they all appear much happier and have bonded. I haven't changed their food. Maisie has always had this problem but it does appear to be getting worse. All of our cats are regularly treated for cat fleas and wormed.

Could you please advise.

Thank you


Editor Suggestion

Dear Jill,

Thank you for your question.

Cats may have several skin problems, both infectious and non infectious. In this case, if your other cats haven't been affected with similar symptoms, it indicates that this condition is non infectious.

Symptoms of flaky cat fur may worsen when a cat is suffering from stress. This is purely related to the skin glands, meaning that this might be a case of disturbed glandular and hormonal secretions.

In this case, your cat might be stressed as a result of moving to a new home. Closely monitor the activities of your cat, and try and determine what bothers her and see if that situation can be corrected. Give her more play time and try to engage your cat in mild exercise.

For skin support, we suggest using a quality herbal shampoo such as Clean Cat Shampoo for regular baths, and apply some conditioner regularly. A good choice is the Pro Pet Detangling and Conditioning Spray. This will help to reduce skin dryness and grooming your cat will become easy and more comfortable.

Additionally, use other commercial natural remedies meant for maintaining skin health and glandular secretions such as Skin and Coat Tonic.

Remember, these recommendations are only for support. The underlying problem can only be diagnosed through a detailed clinical and lab examination only.

Please keep us up to date on your cat's flaky skin condition.

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