Cat Feces Leak

by Esther Johnston
(New Richmond, WI)

Reader Question: For about a month our cat has been leaving "droplets" of feces here and there. Could this be diet? We did change his food recently. Can this be a sign of anal gland issues? He seems well, energetic - he just seems to squeeze out bits of cat feces all over the house!!!!

He is a 1 yr old neuter and is one of those cats with the funny curly tail. His body build is unusual as he is very lanky and long, with an aggressive personality. He was adopted and said to be just a barn cat. Are there unusually aggressive, lanky breeds that could come into play here?? thanx

Answer from Editor: Sudden avoidance of litter box training is either due to a digestive problem or is purely behavioral. It doesn’t seem to a problem related to anal glands as cat anal gland problems show specific symptoms such as pain, odor, discomfort and the licking of the hind quarters.

As you say that you have recently changed his food recently, the cat feces leak problem might be related to the change in diet. You should closely note the appearance of the feces soon after it is dropped. Color, consistency and frequency can help in identifying the source of the problem; light or dark color, loose or hard and the shape of the feces usually indicates a
cat bowel movement problem, commonly associated with a change in food.

Probably though, the problem you describe seems to be a behavioral problem. Male cats mark their territory and show aggressiveness when certain conditions exist that are not favorable to them. Take note if other cats, specifically male cats roam around your home or surroundings, especially at night. Moreover, it can also be confirmed by yours cat’s behavior when dropping feces, i.e. such as the time, place, and behavior when it drops.

This problem can be addressed by focusing on litter box training; you should note the place in the house where your cat frequently goes, and place a quality litter box, preferably containing litter of crystals or clay in that location. Move the litter box around the house where ever your cat dedicates more. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to locate the most favorable places for your cat and where to place the litter box, and with time this problem will be reduced. If possible keep other cats away from your house.

In case the problem is diet, since you have recently changed your cat's diet, you can try a natural remedy such as RunnyPoo Relief. This approach will help with the adverse affects of newly introduced food ingredients. A natural cat bowel remedy works by combining ingredients which help to control bowel movements and soothe the stomach and bowel.

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Aug 23, 2014
Get your kitty checked out by a professional
by: Anonymous

This is not a behavior issue. The cat is not all out pooping in locations however 'leaking' feces. Take your cat to the vet to be and have this medical issue checked out and ignore the other respondent.

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