Cat Eye Lesion Treatment

cat eye infection picture

cat eye infection picture

Reader Question on Cat Eye Infection Remedies


We are feeding a stray cat that lives in our compound, and I noticed that it has an infection near it's eye. I have attached a few pictures and hope someone here can shed some light on what it is:

Also, there is a strange mark on its’ ear which looks like a C has been engraved on it.

My guess is that the cat is over 5 years old as we have been feeding it for a long time. It usually stays outside but recently we let it in for some food - that is when we noticed the infection.

There is no owner, but several other residents in the compound give it food. I think it is female but not 100% sure.

Thanks for any help


Veterinarian Suggestion: Treating A Cat Eye Lesion

Hello there,

The lesion under “your” cat’s eye could have several causes. Perhaps it is a wound that became infected and hasn’t been able to heal, or it could be the result of chronic drainage from the eye. Whatever the underlying issue, the best way to find out what is going on and how to treat it is to make an appointment with a veterinarian. Perhaps you can lure the cat into a cat carrier by placing some especially irresistible food inside.

Because this cat is only partially tamed, it would probably be best if the veterinarian sedated her before proceeding with an examination. After the cat is asleep, the doctor could safely perform any procedures that needed to be done without stress and risk of injury to everyone involved. The cat should also be vaccinated, at the very least for rabies to protect all the people who have contact with her.

I’m not sure what the “C” mark you described could be. It could possibly be a tattoo that was put in her ear to indicate that she has been spayed (or he has been neutered) by a group that works with feral cats, but this is not the standard mark that is used.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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