Cat Eye Cyst or Mass

by Nora
(North Carolina)

Possible Cat Eye Cyst

Possible Cat Eye Cyst

Reader Question: Cyst on Cat Eye

My 17 yrs old cat developed a small bump on the lower lash line. This occurred about 4 weeks ago, the small has grown into a pea sized bump. The bump is pink/ red with a partial scab covering. The lump is hard on the outside, softer near the eye. I have an appointment with a new veterinarian in four days.

The cat doesn't appear to be bothered with lump, no draining or bleeding.

Any ideas what this could be?

Veterinarian Suggestion for Treating a Cat Eye Mass

Hello Nora,

My rule-out list for masses like you describe include granulomas (solid areas of inflammatory or infectious cells), cysts (noninfectious fluid filled structures), abscesses, and tumors (benign and cancerous).

If your cat were my patient, I would try to determine the cause by taking an impression smear from the area (pressing a glass slide to the mass) and taking a look at the cells that come off under the microscope.

Unfortunately, a diagnosis is not always possible with this simple test, in which cases a biopsy will be necessary.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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