Cat Cough Simple Home Treatment.


I don' t have a cat but there is a stray cat who is coughing. She knows me very well. She always follows me to my house. She likes me and I like her.

I know the cause of the cat cough. It is because of dust. I don't know any vet who can help me.

Can you recommend a home treatment approach for a coughing cat. I want to a simple home cat cough treatment.

Editor Suggestion Cat Cough Home Remedy

Respiratory problems in cats are characterized by different symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, respiratory stress and generalized conditions that affect the entire body such as fever and other associated symptoms.

But, all of these symptoms are usually considered general symptoms, which cannot help to confirm the cause of the feline cough problem. Only a clinical examination, the pattern of the condition, chest x-rays and laboratory tests can reveal the exact problem.

Remember, symptoms such as a coughing cat is a general sign of illness. The sensitivity of the respiratory tract towards environmental factors like dust indicates that either this cat is sensitive or allergic to pollen, dust etc or that it is possible that this sensitivity has occurred as the result of some underlying systemic problem.

It is always recommended to get a patient checked by a veterinarian for confirmation. However, we can recommend some supportive and easy tips for controlling this condition in this stray

Controlling symptoms such as a cat cough requires administration of some anti-tussive drugs and expectorants, but they might require a prescription, therefore in this case it is preferable to use products available without a prescription such as homeopathic preparations formulated to treat feline cough, such as those recommended below.

To keep the respiratory tract clear of any mucous, allergens and to promote comfortable breathing, we suggest you to use a natural remedy such as Homeopet Cough along with a herbal preparation such as Amazapet. Also, to prevent any generalized respiratory stress, feeding the cat chicken soup can be very helpful in hastening recovery.

Along with the administration of these remedies, sensitive cats require a change in life pattern to prevent the recurrence of any symptoms. These might include avoiding exposure to smoke, dust, fragrances and possible seasonal allergens.

Since this is a stray cat, and it is almost impossible to keep it away from allergens, we recommend you either adopt it to keep it indoors most of time. It might even be preferable and humane to bring the cat to a nearby animal shelter.

Try these tips for treating any feline cough symptoms. If the cough persists and you notice other signs that represent respiratory and/or general loss of condition, it can be a more serious condition then an allergy. In that case, a detailed examination and diagnosis will be required followed by specific treatment recommended by a veterinarian.

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Cat Cough

by Anne



Cat Cough Reader Question:

My cat has developed a terrible cough attack a few times a day...I am worried that it is heartworm because of the dry, asthma type cough while he rests....I am taking him to the vet today..Any suggestions?

Editor Response to Cat Cough Problem

Dear Anne,

Cat heartworm disease is a fatal condition that moves through different stages. The parasite that causes the condition, i.e. Dirofilaria immitis, is transmitted through a mediated host i.e. meaning through a mosquito bite.

Unfortunately, during pathogenesis and/or the life cycle of this parasite, an affected cat remains asymptomatic (doesn't show any symptoms). Clinical symptoms are exhibited once an infection becomes mature and incurable. A progressive cough along with vomiting, lethargy and intolerance are some primary signs of a cat heartworm problem.

An asthma like dry and progressive cough like you describe, along with vomiting are primary signs of heartworm disease. If your cat is breathing rapidly, and shows no interest in activities and experiences severe respiratory stress along with vomiting and cough, you can surely suspect that a Dirofilarial infection is the cause. The only way to be sure is to visit a veterinarian who will conduct the needed laboratory tests and preferably chest x-rays.

Unfortunately, there is no approved and effective treatment for heartworm disease in cats. Heartworms, if you try and eliminate or kill them, will end up blocking the pulmonary arteris, which will result in immediate death.

On the other hand, surgical elimination can be an effective way to remove feline heartworms, but this is only done if the heartworms are placing a heavy burden on your cat during the advanced stages of this condition.

Steroids are usually administered to reduce inflammation caused by the worms. You can provide some support for your cat using supplements and organic preparations that are commercially offered to reduce the effects of symptoms.

You can also try natural remedies to reduce the severity of any symptoms. Two good choices are Parasite Dr. Capsules and Heart & Circulation Tonic.

Remember, there is no specific treatment for cats with heartworm disease, all approaches remain restricted to support only.

If your cat is confirmed as having heartworm disease, other cats in the area should be screened for heartworm infection as well and should receive preventive doses of ivermectin or milbemycin. Discuss preventive measures with your veterinarian, as it is essential.

Though transmission of this disease to humans is rare, it can potentially be transferred to humans from mosquitoes. Use a quality mosquito repellent such as Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Repellent to keep mosquitoes away from you and your cat if you can.

Best of luck and please let us know what happens after your veterinarian visit.

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Natural Home Remedies for Cat Cough

by Christine
(Paris, France)

Reader Question: There are three stray kittens that come around often to my father in law's place. They feed them but do not let them inside. I have noticed that one of them is coughing now. It is a dry cough, probably associated with a is cold in Paris, France. Since they are stray cats, a trip to the vet is not an option. Is there a home remedy that I can provide that might boost the immune system to help this little guy? I will not be able to get close to the kitten as all three are very shy and run at the sight of a person without food!

Thanks for any advice!

Cat Health Guide Editor Answer:

Thanks for your question. Your kindness towards those kittens is greatly appreciated. Cold weather is a major factor in causing cat chest problems and symptoms such as cough etc. Also, cough due to cold can turn into a respiratory tract infection, caused by various secondary bacterial and viral organisms.

A cat cough home remedy you can initially try for the poor kitten you mentioned is chicken soup mixed with some black pepper. This will help to reduce the cough symptoms and any mild chest problem, but remember that this can never be thought of as a specific treatment or cure for the condition.

Since you have mentioned that a visit to the veterinarian is not an option, you can try and use a natural remedy such as KC-Defense Formula . This can help in overcoming any developing chest infection. Though available natural preparations are usually administered orally after restraining the cat, you can also use them mixed in with water or food. Make sure that you provide the quantity of the natural remedy recommended by manufacturer.

As kittens remain out in the cold, some symptoms may reappear after resolution. If this happens, bring the sick kitten to a local shelter or pet orphanage for veterinary care.

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Feb 12, 2010
Natural Home
by: Anonymous

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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Cat Coughs

by Jane
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Once or twice a month my kitty has a harsh, dry, body-shaking cough. He doesn't bring anything up when he coughs; after a four or five minutes it stops. His brother never coughs. They are both @ eighteen months old. Do you believe this cough needs to be checked out by the vet?

Thank you.

Cat Coughs - Cat Health Guide Editor Suggestion

Dear Jane,

Coughing in cats has a variety of causes. If the cat coughs are dry, non productive (noisy, doesn't yield sputum or blood) and causes breathing problems and body shaking, as you described, the possibilities are reduced. But, it does indicate that your cat needs immediate veterinary attention, go for a detailed examination by a veterinarian as soon as you can.

Dry and harsh coughing, which is non productive and is not transferred to other cats represents that there might be some kind of non infectious cause. It can be anything, such as an obstruction or blockage, tumor, cardiovascular disease and possibly an allergy etc. Confirmation can only be made with a detailed clinical examination and by conducting a series of tests along with x-rays. Chest x-rays in this case, can help more in confirmation of a diagnosis.

We suggest that you go for a detailed examination as soon as possible.

While your cat is being diagnosed, you can use some natural remedies such as KC Defense to reduce the severity of the cat cough symptoms. Heart and Circulation Tonic will also be of help, to improve circulation and strengthen the heart. These remedies are not only effective, but can also help to keep your cat comfortable until a specific therapy is being initiated. Later on, for support, you can continue these remedies along with the specific therapy your veterinarian recommends.

Please keep us up to date on the cat cough problem.

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Cat Cough

by Jackie Maciag
(Pomona, NY)

Cat Cough Reader Question:

My cat coughs mostly when he purrs and when we are petting him. He has been treated for upper respiratory infections 3 X. When he is on meds, he does not cough.

He also was treated for several weeks for Giardia. Vet said he was cured. He has no runny nose or eyes or temperature. He had a blood test to rule out aids and leukemia. What could it be, and should I change vets, I am starting to have my doubts? He is a Maine Coon and is 6 months old now. please help!!!!

Editor Response to Cat Cough Problem:

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about your cat's cough related problems.

The cough experienced by your pet appears to be a side affect of the treatment done for Giardiasis.

There is no approved treatment for Giardiasis in animals. Drugs used for this purpose, like Fenbendazole, Albendazole or Metronidazole etc, can cause some mild side effects including vomiting, diarrhea, and related to immunity in some cases severe bone marrow suppression can be experienced by both cats and dogs.

So, in my opinion, the drugs used for several weeks for Giardiasis have possibly caused this condition. None of the above mentioned drugs are recommended to be used for more then 5 days in cats.

The symptoms you mentioned for this particular condition - upper respiratory tract problems, i.e. dry cough with no temperature, discharge and that your cat coughs only while purring or petting, indicates that the respiratory tract is unable to properly work in terms of inhalation and exhalation while the voice box or larynx is busy.

Look for additional symptoms, such as whether or not your cat experiences problems while sleeping or eating/drinking. Be sure to go for a detailed check of your cat's immune system status. Discuss the condition with your vet, and it is recommended that you take your cat for a detailed examination of the upper respiratory tract.

While your cat is being diagnosed, you would be better off not extensively using drugs meant for treating upper respiratory tract problems, as you might have noticed that they are only reducing the affect of any symptoms, not eliminating them.

You can try some natural preparations, which can help to reduce symptoms such as KC-Defense Formula for cough or Immunity & Liver Support Formula for Immune system support. These types of products will help to strengthen the immune system and soothe the upper respiratory tract while you seek a more specific treatment.

In case you haven't already, you might want to disinfect/clean all of your cat's belongings and your house after the Cat Giardia infestation. Different stages of Feline Giardia can pass into the feces of an affected cat and even recovered cats can be a reservoir for this parasite, so it is recommended that you wash all belongings and the bedding of your cat with common bleach and boiling water (1:32 or 1:16 dilution) or purchase a commercial disinfectant made for this purpose such as Benzarid.

Disinfect all the corners, floors and lawn with a quality disinfectant. Giardia can be transmitted to you and your family, so along with above mentioned measures, improve the hygienic standards of your home for your safety such as increasing the frequency of cleaning.

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Nov 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Help! My female Siamese is 3 and resides with a Himalayan, she has had fur ball trouble in the past but with an OTC medication for fur balls she's always passed them, now my dilemma: she's been coughing periodically for a couple days and seems listless and not herself, she isn't presenting any other symptoms but I don't think she's eating properly, could this be a serious blockage or worse? I can't reach my vet until Monday but I may call an emergency pet care center if this hasn't resolved itself by morning. Any suggestions or advice?

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