Cat Chin Acne

by Chloe
(St. Neots--England)

Hi, my cat Fred has developed what I describe as cat acne under his chin. It looks very much like F M dermatitis, but I’m not 100%. It doesn’t seem to bother him until he scratches it and makes it bleed. It can become red and angry after he has scratched. Can anyone recommend some treatment or should I take him straight to the vets?



Vet Suggestions on Cat Chin Acne

Hi Chloe,

I can’t tell you exactly what is going on with your cat without an exam, but based on the description of your cat’s symptoms, Feline Chin Acne would have to be a strong possibility. Cats oftentimes get lesions like these on their chins in response to an allergy. Sometimes changing from plastic to ceramic food and water bowls can help.

Diagnosing and treating environmental allergies (e.g., to pollen, mold, and dust mites) or food allergies can get pretty involved so I’ll leave that to your vet if that becomes necessary.

Mild chin acne – bumps that your cat pretty much ignores – doesn’t really need to be treated. Just bring it to your vet’s attention at your next regularly scheduled exam. You could also try some benzoyl-peroxide wipes like those commonly used to treat acne once or twice a day. But, if the lesions are itchy, painful, red, swollen, or drain pus or blood, they may be infected and you should call your veterinarian ASAP.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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