Cat Chin Acne

by Rachel H.

Possible case of Cat Chin Acne

Possible case of Cat Chin Acne

These patches (see photo) are located on several places on our cat's chin. Do you have any possible diagnosis or remedies? It hasn't seemed to bother him much, although he does scratch it regularly.

This cat is a 2 yr. old male (neutered) gray tabby,that is an inside/outside cat.

Thanks in advance!

Vet Suggestion: Possible case of Cat Chin Acne

Hi Rachel,

You’ll need to see your veterinarian to be sure, but from your picture and description it looks like your cat could have chin acne.

Cats have glands in this area that secrete an oily substance, and they can get what appear to be black heads when the pores become blocked. In some cases, the chin can become very inflamed, sore, and infected, which definitely warrants a trip to the veterinarian. This does not look to be the case here, however; the rest of your cat’s skin in the area looks perfectly normal.

With mild cases of chin acne, cat owners have the option of doing nothing other than monitoring the situation or trying a few remedies to see if any help. Keep in mind that lifelong treatment is often necessary. Here are a few ideas:

• Clean the area daily with benzoyl peroxide. Acne pads containing this ingredient are a convenient way to do this.

• If you use plastic bowls, switch to glass or ceramic and keep them very clean.

If your cat’s condition worsens at any point, get him in for an exam. In some cases, an underlying cat skin disorder (e.g., demodex mites or allergies) can lead to chin acne, and this may need to be treated directly.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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