Blood Filled Cyst in Cat Ear

by Nasreen Ashkanani

Cat Ear Blood Filled Cysts

Cat Ear Blood Filled Cysts

My cat has developed some skin bumps or cysts that are blood filled. The look like mites however they are not, they are more like hemorrhages.

I have taken her to a doctor, who mentioned that it could be cancerous tumors. He has cleaned her ear and in the process pressed against some of those cysts which led to their bleeding. He has prescribed some cat ear drops and a skin care powder to be used twice daily for a few days. If no progress then they would take a biopsy.

Actually I am very very concerned and would like to ask for a second opinion.

Uploaded is a picture.

Vet Suggestion Blood Filled Cyst in Cat Ear

Hi Nasreen,

I think your veterinarian’s approach is right on track. It is possible that something simple like trauma or an infection is responsible for the blood-filled cysts in your cat’s ear. If that is the case, the hope is that with the medications that were prescribed and a little time, they would clear up and no longer be a concern.

If, however, they do not go away, you certainly do want to find out what they are, and the best way to do this is with a biopsy.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jun 19, 2012
Feedback on the case
by: Nasreen Ashkanani

Thanks alot for your feedback, though my response is very late, but just will post the final outcome in case other readers with similar cases came across this post.

Another doctor pressed against those bumps and instead of fresh blood, clotted blood came out of those cat skin cysts. She prescribed some normal skin cream that are also prescribed to humans, over a couple of days they became smaller and disappeared.. no biopsy nothing :) she is a healthy 12 years old girl :)

Jun 02, 2013
My cat has the same thing
by: Anonymous


My cat has the same problem and the vet has given me ear drops to use but has advised that a biopsy should be done. What skin cream did you use?


Nov 16, 2014
Skin Cream
by: Anonymous

You mentioned that they gave you normal skin cream for your cat's ears. By chance would you have the name of that cream. My cat has also developed these in his ears and he is 15 years old. Did they pop each one, or just apply cream on the outside of the bumps? I will take him to the vet, but he gets overly anxious and freaks out in the car and gets so worked up, so if it's a matter of applying cream to the outer cysts I can alleviate that. But if it is more intrusive I wouldn't be able to avoid the infamous trip to the vet :(

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